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Caleb Warren

Vocals, Guitar, Harp

Caleb grew up partying with townies in Marblehead, parking cars on the beach,driving Park 5 around the neck, and trying to sneak into Maddie’s Sail Loft with FJ and Fernand iesel. At 18, he left home and drifted in and out of Atlanta, GA, Boulder, CO, Milan, Italy, and College Station, TX, before landing in Tucson in 2013. Somewhere along the way, he stumbled into a couple of degrees, and he now gets paid to study what makes things funny and cool as a professor at the University of Arizona.

Caleb started writing lyrics long before he could play an instrument, and has co-written songs with Andrew Gravel (the Gravel Project), Nick Byron Campbell (Arizona, Wages), Josh Edwin (Yellow & Green), and David Bardolet. He picked up the guitar in college, and formed the seedling of Parties with Townies in the Fox-Schmidt basement outside of Boulder with his cousins Eric and Johnny Schmidt (formerly of the Bellmars). Caleb’s songs tell of the people he’s met – or sometimes viewed from a distance – in all of their beautiful, insecure, hungover, love-struck, heartbroken, inebriated, and insane glory.